From the Board President…

DonThe Midlands Mission Center has been blessed in many ways due to the generosity of its members.  Camp Chihowa has been a place of transformation,healing, and renewal and testimonies are abundant.

Moving into the camping season, we are looking forward to many exciting plans that are being developed.  Getting ready for the summer is no easy task and the needs are immediate and great. Clean up of the grounds, painting, and many other repairs are needed before the opening of the season.  One thing I have learned over the years is that many hands make light work.  Having pride for our campgrounds cannot be left to someone else.  We must get involved!  When you add the financial constraints of more needs of repair than availability of funds, our hands are full.  There are no easy answers to the ongoing struggles and issues we face in campground ownership.

With that said, the next question is:  What can we do today as stewards of Camp Chihowa?  If we all come prepared and jump in where needed, Camp Chihowa can once again be a place of pride where all will want to come and enjoy what this sacred place has to offer.

Can you help us with a financial gift, some much needed volunteer hours or take on a special task as we prepare for this summer’s camping season and activities?

A detailed list has been compiled of the needs and projects that warrant our immediate attention before summer begins.  Many are responding.  Many more are needed.  If you will help, Chihowa will continue to be a blessing for so many youth and families this summer.

Camp Chihowa is a wonderful asset of our Mission Center and our response will ensure that our campgrounds will continue to be a safe and clean place for family and friends.

We are on a critical time line to accomplish this goal.  Summer camps being in June and the repairs need to be completed NOW!

We are asking congregations to tackle some of the projects that need our immediate attention.  We are asking membership to roll up their sleeves and make this happen!

The challenge before us can become a reality only if all of us work together.

Will you make this happen?

Thank you,

Don McLaughlin