Prayer Path

Prayer Path – Feed your Soul

Are you looking for a place you can go to just get away from everything?  Are you finding that you want some quiet solitude and a slow walk just to clear your mind?

Daily stress and struggles can overcome us to the point that we FORGET our faith.  Faith … that we depend on at times in our lives when we are overwhelmed.

prayerpathWe have a prayer path at Camp Chihowa that many have used over the years for just that purpose.  A beautiful walk around the lake is just the thing many of us need to get back on track and back in touch with our faith.

This year we are going to clean up our Prayer Path and promote the walk.  Simple but transforming … for us … the quiet beauty that gives us a moment to clear our thoughts and “REMEMBER” who we are.  Something you can never find in the lights and sounds of the city.

Sacred space is hard to find.  We are blessed to have the Prayer Path.