We Need “YOU” now …..

100 Faithful givers can make a difference!

The Chihowa Retreat Center is in need of reliable, sustainable monthly income sources to continue the ministries provided by the campgrounds.

We are asking that you consider becoming a monthly contributor of $25.  We need at least 100 individuals, families, partners of 2-3-4 or more, scripture study groups, Sunday School classes, Men’s and Women’s groups, congregational seniors, youth groups or any combination to step forward and pledge your support so that the Chihowa Retreat Center may continue to provide great ministry well into the future.

Below is a pledge card.  Please prayerfully consider becoming one of Chihowa’s Faithful Givers.

When you turn in your pledge card along with the first gift, you will be sent eleven (11) more envelopes for your convenience in mailing your monthly gift.